The Cégep de Rimouski offers a program called Tremplin DEC which is adapted to the needs of students whose knowledge of French is not sufficient to be admitted in a regular program and who wish to:

  • Experience a total French immersion experience in a francophone college;
  • Improve their French skills in order to succeed in higher education (college or university) *;
  • Improve their chances of entering the labour market.

* The Cégep de Rimouski is the only Cégep in the college system that works in collaboration with a university in such an immersion project. The Université du Québec à Rimouski and the Cégep de Rimouski work together to ensure that students with a low level of French can, through French immersion, improve their French language skills sufficiently to continue their studies.

As part of the Tremplin DEC - French Immersion and Integration Program, French upgrading activities are added to the ministerial objectives specific to the Tremplin DEC program:

  • Achieve a satisfactory level in French to undertake further study and integrate into Québec society (2 cours de pratique du français, langue d'enseignement pour les élèves non francophones: Communication orale (601-015-50) 90h et Communication écrite (601-016-50) 90h;
  • Meet the requirements of reading and writing at the college level (601-013-50 Renforcement en français pour les étudiants non francophones, 60 h).
  • This program includes credited courses, sporting, artistic and cultural activities as well as support by a personal tutor.
  • The activities included in the course Citoyenneté québécoise and the activities offered to students from outside Québec targets their integration into the community.

1er trimestre

De 18h à 21h (avec ou sans cours complémentaire)

  • 2 cours de pratique du français, langue d'enseignement pour les élèves non francophones (Communication orale & Communication écrite)
  • Stratégies de réussite au collège
  • Citoyenneté québécoise
  • Cours optionnel selon le niveau de français

2e trimestre

De 15 à 18 heures (avec ou sans cours complémentaire)

  • Renforcement en français, langue d'enseignement
  • Activité physique et santé
  • Cours d'anglais A
  • Cours complémentaire
  • Développement de carrière
  • Cours d'exploration d'un programme d'études


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